Why should Athletes do yoga

Learn to Listen to the Body

We all need to listen to the cues  our bodies send us, for athletes this is of the utmost importance. It is the difference between an injury and a lost season or a successful one.

Increase Overall Strength

Each sport uses a certain area of the body more than others. Strength programs are designed to strengthen these areas specific to each sport. Yoga strengthens the entire body.

Increased Power

Power, strength and speed are directly related to proper body mechanics. Yoga helps to align the body naturally. Properly aligned bodies transmit forces more effectively and efficiently, creating more power.

Increased Endurance

With better posture from practicing Yoga comes increased respiratory capacity. This enables the athlete to use oxygen more efficiently.

Better Balance and Proprioception

Yoga flows one posture into the next from all different positions and stances. This trains an athlete's body to be ready for anything. It also teaches the body where it is in space and how to right itself quickly. Very helpful in avoiding injury.

Improves Mental Focus

All good athletes are just that...good athletes. The great athletes are the ones whose mental focus is the cherry on top. When the body gets tired the mind wanders. Yoga helps focus the mind with the body, keeping the athlete's focus acute.


Pick the Type of Yoga Training that Works for You

One on One Yoga Training

Practice Yoga with an instructor one on one.

Small Group Yoga Training

2-4 Athletes practice Yoga with an instructor.  

Team Yoga Training

Practice Yoga as a team. Instructor can come to your facility and instruct the team as a whole. Very helpful for team bonding and visualization.

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